Bhaagte Raho

Bhaagte Raho 2018

“Bhaagte Raho” is a 2018 Indian comedy film directed by Praful D.S. Tiwari. The movie is a quirky and entertaining story that revolves around the life of a debt-ridden family living in Delhi.


The film “Bhaagte Raho” takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the chaotic and comical life of the Sethi family. Dhanraj Sethi (Riya Sen), the head of the family, is struggling with a mounting pile of debts and unpaid bills. With creditors knocking at their door and no immediate financial relief in sight, the Sethi family finds itself caught in a web of hilarious situations.

Determined to overcome their financial woes and save their house from repossession, Dhanraj’s wife, Kavita (Amolak Singh), and their two children, Manpreet (Sunny Yadav) and Khushboo (Sophiya Singh), devise a series of zany schemes to dodge the creditors and steer clear of financial disaster.

The plot of “Bhaagte Raho” is filled with hilarious misadventures, mistaken identities, and a mad scramble to keep creditors at bay. As the family embarks on a wild journey to resolve their financial troubles, they discover unexpected allies and a newfound sense of unity.

The film is a lighthearted comedy that touches on the themes of family bonds, resilience, and the absurdities of modern life. “Bhaagte Raho” is a delightful and entertaining tale that keeps you laughing from start to finish as the Sethi family races to escape their creditors and find a way out of their financial turmoil.

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