Class (2023 TV Series)

Class (2023 TV Series)

"Class" is a Hindi-language Indian TV series that delves into the complex web of relationships among students at Hampton International, an elite school in Delhi. The show follows the lives of three working-class friends, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli, who receive scholarships to the prestigious institution after their local school is destroyed in a fire. Amidst the opulence of their wealthy classmates, they navigate issues like casteism, corruption, homophobia, and more. The series, comprising eight episodes, confronts modern youth's social challenges in India and has earned positive acclaim. It debuted on Netflix in February 2023, with a second season confirmed for the future.

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“Class” is an Indian crime drama series in Hindi, adapted by Ashim Ahluwalia from the Spanish show “Elite.” It’s set in Hampton International, a fictitious elite high school in Delhi, focusing on the interactions between three working-class students and their affluent peers.

Produced by Bodhi Tree Multimedia and Future East Film, the series delves into contemporary youth issues like casteism, child neglect, corruption, homophobia, religious bias, and income inequality in India. Comprising 8 episodes, “Class” premiered on Netflix on February 3, 2023, and a second season was officially confirmed by Netflix on March 6, 2023.

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Following the destruction of their neighborhood school in a fire, three friends from a working-class background, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli, receive scholarships to attend Hampton International, an exclusive private school in New Delhi. These scholarships are provided by Ahuja Properties, the company responsible for the school fire.

Initially, they face isolation from the affluent students at Hampton International. However, as the school year unfolds, their lives become intricately entwined in a complex web of contrasting lifestyles, grudges, jealousy, and romantic entanglements.

  1. Anjali Sivaraman portrays Suhani Ahuja, the sister of Veer and the love interest of Neeraj and Dheeraj.
  2. Gurfateh Pirzada plays Neeraj “Neeru” Kumar Valmiki, Dheeraj’s older brother who has recently been released from prison.
  3. Piyush Khati embodies Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki, one of the three transfer students who falls for Suhani.
  4. Madhyama Segal takes on the role of Saba Manzoor, one of the three transfer students and the daughter of Kashmiri immigrants.
  5. Cwaayal Singh portrays Balram “Balli” Patwal, another of the three transfer students.
  6. Zeyn Shaw is cast as Veer Ahuja, Suhani’s brother and Yashika’s boyfriend.
  7. Chintan Rachchh plays Faruq Manzoor, Saba’s brother and a drug dealer who is attracted to Dhruv.
  8. Ayesha Kanga portrays Yashika “Yash” Mehta, Veer’s girlfriend who is determined to climb to the top.
  9. Moses Koul takes on the role of Sharan Gujral, Koel’s long-term boyfriend.
  10. Chayan Chopra embodies Dhruv Sanghvi, the principal’s son and the swimming coach.
  11. Chandan Anand as Suraj Ahuja
  12. Ritu Shivpuri as Garima Ahuja
  13. Kabir Sadanand as Tarun Kalra
  14. Suparana Krishna Moitra as Yamini Kalra
  15. Ratnabali Bhattacharjee as Vandana Sanghvi
  16. Ketan Singh as Deven Sanghvi
  17. Shahid Lateef as Yusuf Manzoor
  18. Neelofar Sheikh as Afroz Manzoor
  19. Vijay Srivastava as Bhagu Kumar Valmiki
  20. Reuben Israel as Ranjit Gujral
  21. Richista Gulati as Sulekha Gujral
  22. Aviral Gupta as Aryan Talwar
  23. Arshvir Wahi as Mikhail Bakshi
  24. Darshan Pandya as Inspector Bindya
  25. Vijay Dogra as Sub Inspector Satpal
  26. Neeraj Khetrapal as SK Chowdhary
  27. Rohit Khurana as Prannoy Das
  28. Rohit Singh as Manni
  29. D Jackson as Damru

Class made a remarkable debut by securing the top position on Netflix India’s ‘Top 10 TV Shows in India Today’ list. Additionally, it also claimed the number one spot in Bangladesh and earned a spot in the top 10 TV shows lists in Bahrain, Maldives, Mauritius, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, and Sri Lanka.

Rohan Naahar, in his review for the Indian Express, gave Class a 4 out of 5-star rating. He pondered whether the portrayal of the capital city in the series should be taken as an accurate representation of reality. Naahar highlighted moments like Faruq, who leads a nomadic life, going on a date at Cafe Dori, which he found somewhat implausible. He suggested that while Class approaches its drama with seriousness, a touch of self-awareness could enhance the viewing experience.

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