Jhansi (TV Series 2022)

"Jhansi" is an Indian TV series featuring Anjali in the lead role. The show revolves around Jhansi, an amnesia patient who embarks on a journey to uncover her mysterious past. While the series starts with intrigue, it falters with unanswered questions, loose ends, and underwhelming execution, ultimately leaving viewers unsatisfied.

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The streaming platform Disney Plus Hotstar has recently released a web series called “Jhansi,” featuring the talented actress Anjali in the lead role. The show is now accessible on the OTT platform. Let’s explore and assess its quality.

Story of Jhansi TV Series:

Jhansi, portrayed by Anjali, suffers from amnesia and resides in Kerala. Her life takes a significant turn when she rescues Meha, the daughter of Sankeeth (Aadarsh Balakrishna), from an unforeseen accident. Grateful, Sankeeth brings Jhansi to Hyderabad, offering her a fresh start, and eventually, romance blossoms between them. Concurrently, Jhansi experiences recurring dreams from her past, depicting her being targeted and mistreated by unknown individuals.

These dreams raise questions: who are these mysterious figures, and what’s their connection to Jhansi? Additionally, the role of Baarbie (Chandini Chowdary) in Jhansi’s life remains enigmatic. Will Jhansi uncover the secrets of her past? This intriguing storyline unfolds in the series.

Some Good Points:

Once again, Anjali demonstrates her exceptional talent in this series, shining brightly and shouldering the entire narrative. Her portrayal of a character haunted by a mysterious past is marked by impeccable emotional depth. Additionally, she handles action sequences with a remarkable blend of grace and elegance. Undoubtedly, Anjali stands as the series’s most significant asset.

The series commences on an intriguing note, introducing Jhansi’s new professional life and her relationships with Sankeeth and Meha. As Jhansi’s recurring dreams unfold, they pique our curiosity about her enigmatic past. Several moments along this journey deliver decent thrills.

The childhood flashback episode in Jhansi’s life is depicted with fairness, laying the foundation for an engaging premise that draws viewers in initially. Aadarsh Balakrishna, though in a relatively brief appearance, performs commendably in his role. The supporting cast also contributes decently to the series.

To Know More:

A notable downside of the series is its omission of numerous unanswered questions. Instead of providing closure, the show leaves us with multiple unresolved cliffhangers, which may leave viewers feeling unsatisfied after completing the entire series. Many loose ends, like the explanation behind Baarbie’s transformation, are intentionally reserved for a potential sequel and are left hanging without a satisfying conclusion.

Despite an intriguing beginning, the series fails to fully engage and introduces numerous new characters and subplots that raise questions and uncertainties. The initial promise of the story is hindered by writing problems, and as the series progresses, the middle and final episodes fail to generate curiosity due to the lack of a well-defined central plot.

Additionally, the narration in certain parts of the series feels somewhat immature. The show meanders through some unnecessary sequences, contributing to its length. Furthermore, there are instances where logical consistency is lacking, and the portrayal of the police investigation aspect remains incomplete. The ending is also anticlimactic, lacking a strong hook point.


The show boasts impressive production values, well-crafted sets, and thoughtful costume design. Sricharan Pakala’s music aligns perfectly with the series’ theme. Arvi’s cinematography is commendable, as it effectively captures the necessary depth for a series centered around child trafficking. However, the editing is passable but not exceptional.


In terms of direction, Thiru took the reins for most of the episodes, with writer Ganesh Kaarthic assisting in one episode. Despite a thrilling plotline, Thiru’s inability to deliver a gripping screenplay and the sudden conclusion of the series, leaving numerous loose ends, result in a disappointing viewing experience. What could have been a decent series is hindered by subpar execution. The director missed an opportunity to offer viewers more clarity without causing confusion.

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